Apple's iOS Continues to Dominate the Enterprise Sector

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    According to the recently revealed Good Technology Mobility Index Report, Apple's mobile operating system continues to dominate the enterprise sector. However, the report mentions that Android has made some enterprise market share gains.

    The revealed numbers are like this - iOS activations represented 67 percent of total global device activations, which is a decrease of five percent quarter over quarter. Android saw a five percent gain, with 32 percent of total device activations. Windows activations were at just 1 percent, while Blackberry activations were unable to be measured.

    iPhone activations were at 51 percent of total activations, while iPad activations represented 16 percent of total activations. When compared to other tablets, the iPad had 90 percent of total tablet activations. Despite being the absolute leader, the iPad registered a slight decrease from the previous quarter. Android smartphones represented 30 percent of total activations, with Android tablets accounting for less than 10%.

    iOS enterprise app activations were responsible for 88 percent of total app activations during the quarter, while Android app activations were at 12 percent. As a result of Apple's recent partnership with IBM, more than 100 industry-specific native apps will be built from the ground up for the iPad and the iPhone.

    Source: MacRumors

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