iOS Continues to Dominate Enterprise

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    Long gone are the days when BlackBerry was the choice of the business user. Apple’s iOS has been ruling the enterprise roost for several years now, and according to new figures from Good Technology, via AppleInsider, it continues to dominate, despite major growth in the sector.

    Good Technology (an enterprise service company) reports that iOS activations comprised 72% of total device activations in Q1 of this year, marking a decrease of just 1% from the previous quarter. Android activations increased by 1%, up to 27% of total device activations.

    Windows phone took the wooden spoon once again with just 1%.

    AppleInsider reports that in terms of device activation, the iPhone now accounts for 51% of activated smartphones, which is a drop of 3% from the previous quarter, while the iPad has increased by 1% to a 92% share of activated tablets.

    “Tablets recorded twice the number of enterprise app activations versus smartphones this quarter, likely attributed to form factor” said Good Technology.

    Good Technology’s figures are obtained from its user base of more than 5,000 companies.

    Source: AppleInsider
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    I see most of the news the past few days are apple dominating in lots of things. This shows how a great company apple is.

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