IPF App (ForumRunner for iPadForums) - How to clear (1) on icon and Subscribed?

Discussion in 'Official iPadForums.net App Forum' started by BobDenny, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Sep 1, 2011
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    Using IPF (the ForumRunner branded app for iPadForums). I have a circled 1 appearing on its icon and also under the Subscribed section. How do I clear it? I have 9 subscriptions, none have any special markings like "unread" or whatever, and I have gone from the list into each thread (all 9 of them), yet the "1 unread" indicator remains.

    How do I get rid of it?????

    I found it, there was one post and it was marked just a tiny bit darker. Once I read thru that thread the indicator disappeared. Suggestion" make that unread mark easier to see :p
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    I've moved this to the correct forum for you.

    These are options for uk subscribing if it helps, I'll try to find the link for you.

    Edit: If you go to this link and scroll down to posts 276 & 277 it may assist you some more.

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