iPad survives unharmed after softball fan uses it to shield from a foul ball

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    If you ever wondered how solid an iPad really is, you might have been dazzled to read about the flying tablet that got stuck in a car’s bumper and survived the journey unharmed. This week comes another story that’s going to showcase how durable the iPad really is, and in some cases it might even shield you from a nasty hit.

    The whole adventure has been captured on video. Everything started at the Northern Iowa softball game. A senior citizen is sitting there watching the game, when the idea comes to him - he should record the players. So he starts doing so using by using his iPad camera. Granted, this is a feature not widely used by iPad owners. Anyway our character must have been glad he decided to use this feat, as a couple of minutes into the shooting, a foul ball is launched directly into his direction. The stars must have been aligned, because there was n​​othing to shield the fan’s face but his iPad.

    After the impact, the iPad survived and continued to function without a problem. So did the citizen. After recovering from the shock, the football fan resumed where he had left off. The wired fence might have helped in this case to minimize the impact.

    But even so, this goes to show that those worrying too much about damaging their tablets, have actually not much to worry about. The iPad is rock solid.

    Source: BustedCoverage
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Apr 21, 2013.

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