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    I currently own BluePrint and App Cooker ... of course both apps promise and say they're the best but both are lacking. They are a few others but with the hefty price tags that Mockup apps carry its hard to see which is the best. Right now I find myself having to use both apps and taking exporting screen and importing to the other app or cutout sections for the image export to import. Has any tried any other apps?

    BluePrint (Pros):
    - Has iPad and iPhone stencil frame
    - Widgets have a lot of properties for customizing
    - Screen Mapping

    BluePrint (Cons):
    - Lacking and missing a lot of widgets
    - interface is a bit boring

    App Cooker (Pros):
    - Visually really nice app
    - A lot of widgets for design
    - Export to PDF is really nice

    App Cooker (Cons):
    - No iPad / iPhone stencil frame (makes it visually hard to see how your app will look on a device unless you preview the mockup on the device)
    - PDF export does not add a iPad / iPhone stencil frame around they design.
    - Button widgets do not appear as actual design. (they're using a wireframe Xcode view, weird)
    - Pricey $24.99 - $50
    - A lot of extra sections like icon creation, expense generator, etc that most people will never use

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