Adobe Launches New Adobe Comp CC App for iPad Users

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    Adobe has announced a new mobile product that joins its vast portfolio of mobile. Comp CC is now available for the iPad and is described as a 'lightweight composition app lets you quickly wireframe ideas for print, web, and mobile using actual assets'.

    Speaking to TechCrunch, Adobe's principal product manager Will Eisley said that while creatives perceive the mobile environment as an extension of their creative workflow, they still start their design process with pen and paper. Comp CC allows designers to start the design process on mobile, and then use their existing assets in the Adobe cloud. Let's have a look at the main features of the app:

    • DIRECT TO YOUR DESKTOP - Export a native file to your choice of InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, or Illustrator CC. It automatically opens on your desktop, letting you effortlessly build on your original idea.
    • ONE INFINITE TIMELINE - Projects save as a single file with a limitless history, removing the need for version control. Show your creative process by scrubbing your steps with a 3-finger slide, or rewind to and export from any point in your timeline.
    • SIMPLE-TO-USE GESTURES - Explore ideas quickly with a few simple gestures. Drop in lines of placeholder text just by swiping a finger. Trace a quick outline for basic shapes or editable text boxes, and mark it with an X to make an image frame.
    • TYPEKIT FONTS - Everyone can browse, preview, and select from over a hundred free, high-quality fonts right within the app. Creative Cloud subscribers are armed with a veritable arsenal.
    • MULTI-APP INTEGRATION - Place graphics you’ve created in Photoshop or Illustrator, drawings from Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Draw, or pull in what you’ve captured in Shape CC and Color CC.
    • CREATIVE CLOUD CONNECTED - Import your saved asset collections from Creative Cloud Libraries or ready-made vector graphics and icons from Creative Cloud Market.
    • 2GB ONLINE STORAGE - Use of Adobe mobile apps requires a free, basic level of Creative Cloud membership, which includes 2GB of complementary storage for file syncing and sharing.
    So, if you are a designer or a creative who would find great use in such a product on your iPad, go ahead and follow the link from below to download the free app.

    Source: iTunes

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