iPad 3 MockUp Shows 3D Amoled Display

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Jul 8, 2011.

By iDan on Jul 8, 2011 at 11:41 AM
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    Lately, the tech world has been bombarded with rumors regarding upcoming Apple products. Considering the past and current success of the iPad and iPhone, it only seems logical that everyone is interested in any new development coming from the company, even though, for the moment, it’s just hearsay. Apart from the apparent launch of the iPhone 5, it seems that Apple is currently developing the 3rd generation of the iPad family. Not only are there rumors about the iPad 3, a mockup of the tablet has also surfaced.

    Even though no official comment has been given by the producer, some of the features of the new tablet are being debated upon. One of the most interesting new features is an edge-to-edge display, which is also thought to come with the iPhone 5. The immediate consequence is the lack of a physical home button, both for the phone as well as for the tablet.

    Another new feature is thought to be a 3D display, which will accommodate new 3D apps. Not only that, but the new display might be AMOLED. This in turn means that Apple will have to work with one of its competitors, Samsung, for the supply of the new displays. It seems however very hard to believe that the two companies might collaborate, especially since they are currently fighting to solve other issues with one another.

    To sum up, the new iPad 3 will be thinner, feature an edge-to-edge AMOLED 3D screen and use an A6 quad core processor. The question now is: when Steve Jobs goes on stage to unveil the new tablet, is this what he will holding, or are these rumors going to remain just that?

    By Radu Tyrsina
    Source: MobileMag


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Jul 8, 2011.

    1. antonio107
      I hope these rumors aren't true. At least not 100%.

      First off, it's hard enough to hold on to the iPad only using the white trim around the border, lord only knows how difficult that would be once the screen and touchpad has been extended to the bottom.

      Second, I'm really on the fence on the 3D. I own a 3DS, it's a great system, I love it. But play with the 3D for more than a half an hour, and it really does a number on you. Switch over to the computer and you still see depth. Not sure I want that experience on a tablet...o_O
    2. laserguy007
      I second that!!! With the edge to edge screen, how will you hold it? As it is if some other part of your hand is touching the screen in any way try opening an app.

      3D is nice and all. But really???????? Come on, I mean do you really need a 3D iPad or laptop?

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    3. SingingSabre
      IMHO this is ridiculous. Who would even want an edge to edge screen? If you had that, you wouldn't have any place to hold the device from.

      3D AMOLED displays during a menagerie of lawsuits between Apple and Samsung after it's been speculated that Apple is likely to go with a different manufacturer...this seems like one of the least likely rumors to ever come out.
    4. mossman
      Actually I would be fine with an edge to edge display. I have a case that I hold instead of the iPad. Increasing the screen size as opposed to the device itself would be awesome.

      I have no opinion about 3d. It would be a nice feature to have as an occasional gimmick, but I can't see myself paying a premium for the option.
    5. Sonicrobby
      My problem with the edge to edge screen is that one wrong tap against a wall or something and something might break. The larger display would be nice (an actual full 10.1" of touch screen) but honestly I do need something around the screen. I need to hold my device somehow while I'm lying down.

      As for 3D, I know it's the new big thing with TVs, but I for one am not for it. It's a major strain on the eyes, and if we would need glasses to use an iPad, well... I couldn't think of anything dumber... I think the 3D should be kept limited to movies and life, it has no rightful place on the iPad.
    6. SingingSabre

      I had a lazy eye as a kid and it ended up giving me a lot of double vision. Luckily I grew out of it, but still get double vision when certain visual challenges arise. Too much 3D is one of those. Another is driving in the rain, focusing on the road, the windshield, and my speedometer will set it off... All 3D all the time would be a deal breaker for me, not because of opinion, but because of physical constraint.
    7. m3fan
      It would be nice to have but like the other guys (and gals) have put it, is it really practical? Then again, Apple is based on practicality so we should have nothing to worry about!
    8. JUANCHO
      I just got the iPad2 and Now is coming the 3 give me a brake!!!
    9. m3fan
      I totally agree. But at the end we will all upgrade regardless!

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