iPad Error 1013: Resolve by Entering a Snippet on the Terminal Function

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    Corrupted files and synchronization issues go hand-in-hand when it comes to the iPad. In truth, a good number of errors are generated by this deadly duo, many of which quite unpleasant. iPad error 1013 is a classic example of such. Integrating the device with iTunes comes as a problem, and so is installing firmware updates. To top it all off, restoring the tablet doesn’t solve the problem. You’ll see the error code once again even after restoration.
    As it appears, iPad error 1013 is within the process of downloading updates and installing them onto the device, which we all hope Apple is working on. The updates could be corrupt or certain provisions within the iPad’s firmware are preventing the installation. You can bypass all these by typing in a snippet on the Terminal function, allowing a smooth and seamless installation.
    On your computer, head to the Applications folder and view Utilities. Inside Utilities folder are a bunch of files and folders. Zone in on terminal, then direct the cursor over to the box where you can input information. Key in this command: sudo nano /etc/hosts, then press Return, which will call out a small window asking for your password. Type in your password to proceed.
    On the succeeding screen, zero in on “gs.apple.com.†This string of info is lacking one character: #. Add the missing character right before each string you find. Having done this, you’re well on your way to fixing your iPad. Hit on Save, and then exit out of the screen.
    Open iTunes and proceed to restore the tablet computer. Once the restoration process is complete, iPad error 1013 is officially resolved. Make it a point to back up your files, regularly, in case you encounter the error again or other firmware-related concerns. Downloading all of the applications and storing previously stored files can be a nightmare.

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