iPad Car Mount - Opel Astra Sports Tourer - am SOOO Happy :)

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    Hi Guys,

    The ideas on this website helped me to build my DIY iPad car mount, so I wanted to share mine with you.

    I wanted to have my iPad in the car without having to touch the dashboard too much, I didnt want to deteriorate my interior :)
    So I bought the Arkon iPad cup holder: http://www.buybuystores.com/arkon-ipm3-123g-cup-holder-mount-for-the-new-ipad-3rd-gen-ipad-2-with-custom-fit-holder.html
    It's nice, cheap but the arm is way too short, so I couldn't reach the 6th gear when I was driving ;)
    I was a bit frustrated, so I looked in the car where I could screw "something" to fix my iPad holder on.
    I have found out that I could screw a metal 90° angle used to for doors and windows (0,70€) on my glove compartment's left side and as I can do it inside the compartment, if one day I remove it, we would not see the holes. Actually I used 2 pieces of metal as my iPad was wobbling a bit, so it's more stable now.
    There are holes in this piece of metal, so I could screw the mechanism behind the Arkon holder, now I can move the iPad the position I need.
    I said enough, please have a look :rolleyes: Let me know if you a have question

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