iOS 6 Causing Wi-Fi Problems For Some

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 27, 2012.

By Maura on Sep 27, 2012 at 11:55 AM
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    AppleInsider draws attention today to a massive, 91-page-and-counting thread on Apple’s support forums, which points to quite a few iOS device owners experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity problems since installing iOS 6. According to the report, forum posters are experiencing problems on both the iPhone 4S and the latest iPad, whereby when they want to connect their device to Wi-Fi, they are unable to, because that particular option is “grayed out.†A separate, but related, issue sees device owners being able to turn on Wi-Fi in Settings, but then simply not being able to connect to the local network. Apparently Bluetooth connection is similarly affected on the devices, with users not being able to pair their device. AppleInsider says that Apple is aware of the problems, but has not made any comment yet. So far, suggested fixes by other Apple support forum users include undertaking a hard reset and reinstalling iOS 6, or, even better, resetting Network Settings and changing the HTTP Proxy to Auto. Other users have reinstalled iOS 5.1, while some have even managed to get their iPhones exchanged at the Apple Store Genius Bar.

    Source: Apple iOS 6 Wi-Fi problems persist for some iDevice owners


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 27, 2012.

    1. iblogger
      Ya it also causing to me but I fix it by changing date
    2. ccpr1
      How do you do that? I an new to IPad .
    3. Adilkhalid74
      I am facing the same problem, connects to the wimax modem, but does not connect to the net. How do I fix this?
    4. Adilkhalid74
      Any help with the wifi connectivity issue.
    5. AQ_OC
      Settings|General|Reset|Reset Network Settings
    6. JWolf
      Can anyone help me please?
      I can't install iOS 6 to an iPad 3
    7. Mountaingamer
      You must be on 5.1 then - Just connect to itunes and update there if your having wifi problems but ios6 is really where people are complaining about wifi........also - you will loose / not be able to jailbreak on ios6 until a exploit is released
    8. Aquaticz
      In another thread here some changed DNS setting to.

      I tried it 10 minutes ago and I have remained connected

      As another said Write down current settings ..... Just in case

      I put it on a note so it will also get backed up

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    9. timblanc
      Best thing is to visit the Apple discussion pages on this topic, I have never seem so many users providing their recommendations for solutions, some of which work for them and some are just ludicrous, I've tried them all and I can only say this is def an IOS6 problem but feel free to try your luck.

      Some have gone as far as changing their home routers, downgrading the firmware on routers, resetting iPads, turning off blue tooth, dimming the screen, brightening the screen etc. to try and make them work but WHY? All my other wifi products work fine including my iPhone 4 I updated.

      So you do all the above for a home network but what about when u need to use your work or public wifi? It still ain't gonna work

      Apple need to resolve this as its been a nightmare for many users

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