I forgot the answers to the security questions in iTunes.....

Discussion in 'iTunes Forum' started by col.bris, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Recently I updated my devices to iOS7 unfortunately when I next went to purchase apps I was suddenly was requested to answer 2 security questions. What happened and I have no reason to understand iTunes thought I had a new iPad and iPhone. I never found the real answer to this however my problem was I could not remember the answers. In this world of internet and the many accounts I have this one stumped me. I grabbed a Fosters but that did not help lol I tried various answers non of which worked so after a few Fosters I finally hunted down iTunes support. I followed the prompts and called Apple support. The support was excellent, my iTunes support person walked through various questions sent a code to each device then after verifying whom I was and my devices were mine reset the questions. This took about 20 minutes on the phone which is not bad considering support with other it companies can take hours.
    I then answer the questions that were reset and recorded the answers some where safe and bingo all was good.
    I should point out regardless of where you are in the world ie travelling or living just call the local iTunes support number and they will look after you. Below is the link that you need if this happens to you.

    Rescue email address and how to reset Apple ID security questions

    Cheers Colin
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    I make a practice of always lying on security questions, just so a hacker will never find the right answer on the web (could be city of birth? in a small valley). I keep the answers to security questions and passwords encrypted in LastPass (you can search grc.com for a Security Now podcast episode that details the security in LastPass).

    ex-geek, once professionally paranoid security pro
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    You might want to consider switching to 2-step verification; if that is available in Australia.

    Instead of asking you for the answer so some long forgotten question you get a 4 digit authentication code via your phone or other Apple device.

    It's not peril free. If you lose both your authentication device (and backup device), you end up needing a special recover code. The setup for 2-step will warn you of this, and make you confirm that you've got and saved the code to a safe place. Do not skip this step.

    You have three components in 2-step verification. You password/ID, a registered device(s), and your recovery code. You need two of the three to make changes or recover your Apple ID information.

    Anyway, like your security question answers, you should save the recover code in a secure place. As xgeek recommends, a password app that stores/syncs it's encrypted data in more than one place/device is good.

    I've been on 2-step verification for a while, and it's surprisingly easy (as long as my iPhone is near by). Unlike Google's 2-step, it does not prompt you for every little thing; just when you go to edit your Apple ID information, or activate a new device.
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