How can I use an external MIDI trigger to trigger recordings made in SampleTank?

Discussion in 'iPad for Musicians' started by Lake, May 23, 2013.

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    May 23, 2013
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    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I have SampleTank in my iPad 2, with iRig MIDI connection. I can record the awesome SampleTank sounds within SampleTank, but I need to be able to trigger pre-recorded chords/melodies using an external MIDI trigger (in my case a drum trigger) for live performances. Here's the problem:

    According to ikmultimedia support, SampleTank for iPad doesn't have what he called 'transport control'. So, there's no way to trigger these sound recordings in SampleTank.

    So, my question is, how can I trigger those sequences? I've thought about buying Garageband, Cubasis, etc. which I believe allows me to record SampleTank sounds and sequences directly into it (thanks to their newly upgraded compatibility with Audiobus).

    But does anyone know if I can use a MIDI trigger to trigger those? Or do you know of a better way to get this simple task accomplished?

    I'm frankly surprised that this is not a basic function in SampleTank. I saw people using drum triggers to trigger sequences 10 years ago. Of course, they were using laptops, not iPads.

    Thanks to any and all who try to help.

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