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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Joshmonster75, Apr 24, 2012.

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    please help.

    I have bought an ipad for making music but i need to do things a specific way. Here is the issue.

    I want to use an app on the ipad (most likely some kind of sequencer or DAW) whereby i can record guitar, vocals and possibly other instruments.

    I have recently bought the irig midi to enable me to also use midi instruments to get sounds INTO some kind of app.

    But my biggest issue, is that whatever app i am going to use (such as garageband or some other equivilent) needs to be able to give Midi out via the leads in the irig Midi.

    My need for this is because i work with a producer in a studio. I want to build tracks on the ipad and then take them into the studio, use the Irig midi to export the whole song via the midi out lead to the studio equipment. Then we can work on the song further at the studio (not via ipad).

    Please help me with what app i need to do this. I bought garageband and isequence but not sure either are going to help me do this.

    Maybe the answers are staring me in the face but I really appreciate any help anyone can give me

    Josh ​


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