Testing testing, one, two - MIDI I/O anyone?

Discussion in 'iPad for Musicians' started by iGirl, Apr 26, 2013.

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    I'm just getting started here and have a generic camera connection kit w/MIDI I/O connectors hooked up to an external MIDI keyboard via USB. iPad 2.

    I would like to trigger/play a sound (any sound) on the iPad via MIDI just to test it out - BEFORE BUYING ANY APP.

    Is this possible? Does ANY free app have sounds that can be played via external MIDI? If NO - will this generic setup work to trigger sounds via MIDI with GarageBand?

    Ultimately I may just buy the Alesis I/O dock or Behringher copy (once it ships) [or something similar] as I would like to ultimately go the DAW route and likely want to combine audio and MIDI tracks. Even possibly Garage Band (maybe) - especially if I can export multi-track audio and MIDI tracks to move into DP8, Logic or other "big studio" OSX systems.

    I'm a seasoned music pro and have worked with MOTU Performer and tons of other software since in the inception of MIDI and sequencing back in the early 80s but these days I'm just looking for clean and simple - for songwriting/composition. It blows my mind that there is not one simple dedicated, no frills MIDI Sequencing App for iPad - but that's another thread.
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    Apr 26, 2013
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    Your set-up should work fine for GB. I'm also pretty sure that you can do the multi-track export, although I haven't tried it.
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    ipad does not have a lot of power to drive some MIDI devices. Therefore you have to be mindful of the MIDI device that you intend on using is compatible with the ipad. Also apps that support core MIDI will work with MIDI devices that are compatible with the ipad.
    Avid keystudio 49 works with SampleTank free using just the camera kit.
    You can always spend more money and get more fancy MIDI support, but I have not gone that route yet.

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