Newbie thread - about me and drum sequencer quest!

Discussion in 'iPad for Musicians' started by se9mike, Oct 4, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    Apple ipad2 user, wanted to use it for preparing rough demo tracks for my band Shelta
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    Obtained Auria, and love it however I am struggling to use it to make an actual demo as yet because I have not found an easy way of inserting drum trax. I used to play a yamaha dtxplorer into a guide track which enabled me to use flair instead of regimented 4/4 drum machine loops.However I had to sell it due to lack of space in my house.

    So I then got Amplitube and was amazed by the efect stomp boxes. I then (with in app purchasing) got the Amplitube studio unlocked then the in app drum machine so I now have 2 apps that arent really giving me what I need.

    I then thought about using Amplitube live! (gasp) and took it to a rehearsal (after paying out £80ish on the iRig HD converter) - it was sh1t, sounded very tinny but for demo's its great (if I could get a decent drum app/sequence)

    So now I have been looking at FL studio in ipad apps. So, another recording facility! but has a drum sequencer that looks pretty customisable, £13.99 - cheaper than Auria @ £35.00 -

    Been in 3 bands during my 41 years on this planet, and have only just learned that to get your sound use real gear.
    My Tubescreamer through my fender hot rod deluxe is uncomparable to amp/fx modelling
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