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    Hi all,
    i 'm a musician and i have an home recording project that i would like to bring it in a live contest.
    at home i work with my pc, an m-audio usb external sound card,my keyboard midi and i use Cubase 5 with vst.
    Recently i 've buy a new ipad and i would like to use it for replace the Pc.
    so now i have :

    - an Ipad 3 without jailbreak.
    - a midi/usb keyboard (1 midi out).
    - an external usb sound card.

    Now, what i need and how can i use them?
    i see many videos where guys use Camera Connection Kit to connect Keyboard with Ipad.Ok,so i't s the best things?and what CCK works?
    5 to 1?Apple version or cheap wersion?
    i see also the IRIG MIDI for connect keyboard via MIDI.
    what is the better? CCK or IRIG MIDI ? MIDI or USB ? Sound card or not?and what i should use for output in a live contest?
    thanks in advance,and sorry for too many questions but i think that these informations are really useful for a new future in live music for Ipad.

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