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    our sales force is working with ipads and we have all our broshures in Goodreader. Actually they get an email if we put new documents in the dropbox and everyone downloads them manually and has to arrange them in their own folders on the ipad.

    I actually found the function for the folder sync with 2 options.

    option 1: syncing everything new on the dropbox only one way to the ipad user
    option 2: syncing it in both directions.

    Both doesn't fit my needs perfectly. I want that it's just synced in one direction like option 1, but if i reorganize something in the dropbox this sync doesn't delete the old files.

    For Example: i created a folder with different document types inside, even videos. than i did a sync. After this i reorganized this rootdirectory, created a new subfolder and put all videofiles inside. After a new sync i find the new subfolder with the videos inside, but there are still the videos in the root folder.

    I hope you can understand my problem with my bad english. Is there a possibillity to sync it only one way but if i move files that i don't have it twice??

    Hope someone can help? Probably we need another software or sync solution?


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