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Discussion in 'iPad Development' started by Pcunix, Dec 21, 2010.

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    I'm just getting started with this and had bought a pile of books and so on.

    When 4.2 was announced, I just put everything aside and decided to wait for that. Well, now it's here and I'm starting back in.

    The biggest problem I have is that there are so many ways to do things - it's hard as a newbie to know which way to go. So.. that's why I came here :)

    The app I have in mind needs data - probably less than 500K overall.

    I could:

    - hard code it in a .h file (there it is, already in an array)
    - read it from my web site (thereby making updates rather easy)
    - provide a file with the app (exactly where this would be found when the app runs is a little unclear to me)

    If I did read it from the website, I think I'd still want to store it locally, so that till brings me to local file handling.

    Thoughts and opinions?

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