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    Hello community,

    I'm going to try and explain myself the best way I can with this problem I'm having. I am in the airplane business and we are using the iPad with all the manual of the aircraft so we can use them and at the same time a hard copy just in case. The manuals are in PDF and reading them on a computer is not a problem. The way these files are organized are as follow:
    They come with a main pdf file called Start which has lots of topics that you can navigate through the navigation bar of Adobe or other program for reading pdf. The rest of the pdf files are located in a different folder called data.

    The problem is when trying to read the manual in the iPad. We use goodreader sync with Dropbox where the manuals are located. We use this system because every month the manuals are getting updated so we just synchronize it. When I open the main pdf file on goodreader I don't have the navigation bar as in the computer so the only way to open the different topics is going to the data folder and selecting the pdf file which this file doesn't have the name of the tittle you want to read. The first month I had to rename every pdf file with the corresponding tittle so I could identify it (90 files). Another update just happened and I won't be doing the same process again.
    My first solution was creating a pdf file name menu with all the topics and putting a hyperlink to each of them so when you select it, it'll open goodreader with the pdf file. Here's the hyperlink gropen://0/FCOM/DSC_20%20Aircraft%20General.pdf?cc=1 This file is located in Dropbox and works just fine but as you know Dropbox needs a internet connection to open the files which I don't have when flying. So I tried moving this menu.pdf directly to goodreader and when I select the topic I want to read, a message saying "file not found" appears.
    I'll appreciate it if I could have any feedback or a different approach to this problem.

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