Considering an ipad purchase but have a few questions

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    My 2 sons and wife have been bugging me for an ipad forever. My wife has the iphone but its an older one. I have been in need to upgrade th family cell phone plan but just have not had time yet to shop plans. I'm considering a t-mobile or sprint plan but who knows at this point. Regardless any phone I get will have the ability to make the cell phone a wireless access point to broadcast wifi. You have to forgive me because I have never owned any of the ipad, ipod iphone products so I'm not real familar.

    I'm trying to surprise them with purchasing them the ipads. I went to the apple store today and found out some information but I know the sales guy is not going to give me the low down and dirty when it comes to the inside info.

    Unless you all steer me different I'm not looking to pay a monthly fee for the 3G and do not see a need since we have the phone that can broadcast the WIFI connection. I'm not looking to break the bank on these things especially on the kids since they are prone to break them. I have to decide between the 16, 32 and 64. I'm thinking the 32 but they can all transfer files and delete since I really don't want these things to replace the computers they already have. The apple guy said they can transfer the files back and forth to their pc from their ipad so I do notsee the issue with going with one of the other? So I guess this is my first question I would like advice on.

    Also I have been looking a the sales prices at SAMS on the ipad 2. I also see craigslist sales for used ones. I have heard of jailbreaking but I do not know the ins and outs of it but I love the hacking world but it has bene a little while for me so I'm hoping you all can give me the low down on jailbreaking and what it allows you to do that you normally cant. Also is it better to buy an older model or version with older firmware and what is the pros and cons?

    Last but not least is the plan I have to purchasea cell phone that will also act as a wifi an ok plan or have you all had trouble using this method? Do you find one service is better to go with of another for this purpose?

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