Conde Nast Releases Four More iPad Subscription Apps

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    MacRumors reports that Conde Nast has today launched in-app subscriptions for four of its popular magazine iPad apps, namely Vanity Fair, Glamour, Golf Digest and Allure. The monthly magazine apps will cost $1.99 per issue, or $19.99 per year, and will be free to subscribers of the print editions, with print subscriptions costing the same as the iPad apps, which means that Conde Nast is adhering to Apple’s rules for in-app subscriptions, MacRumors notes. MacRumors also managed to get hold of an internal memo from Conde Nast President Bob Sauerberg, which indicates that last week’s New Yorker iPad subscriptions debut was a big success for the publisher:

    That just leaves Wired, Self and GQ of Conde Nast’s iPad apps remaining to be updated with the in-app subscription feature, which MacRumors says we can expect towards the end of the month.

    Source: Conde Nast Rolls Out Four New iPad Magazine Subscriptions, 'New Yorker' Launch Successful -
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