Broken Screen...what to do?

Discussion in 'iPad Mini Forum' started by ChelseaMini, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Aug 11, 2015
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    I have a Gen 1 Ipad mini that has a broken screen and possibly a screwed LCD panel. As you can see in the second picture I have this line running vertically through the entire screen. What is the best way to remedy this for a decent price? If this happened to you did you fix it yourself, (if so what tools?), and does this vertical line mean I also need to replace my entire LCD? Thanks guys!
    20150811_132044.jpg 20150811_132101.jpg
  2. scifan57

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    Dec 3, 2011
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    It certainly looks like you'll have to replace the entire panel, glass and screen. When a screen develops a fault like yours, there's no way to repair it, it must be replaced.

    Unless you're familiar with iPad screen replacements, it would be better to have a qualified repair shop do the work. A third party authorized repair shop would be cheaper than the price Apple charges.
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    Apr 26, 2011
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    Well, you need to decide if a repair is worth the cost vs. what you likely will obtain on a sale - take a look at the iFixit Website HERE and determine 'how much' a DIY fix would cost based on the number of components needed (as mentioned already, the device likely requires several repairs). Then look at the attached chart (Source) for one estimate of what the original iPad Minis are worth - not trying to dissuade you, but may not be worth the effort? Others who have gone through this process hopefully will 'chime in' - good luck. Dave :)
    Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 5.41.50 PM.png
  4. Brian 244

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    Oct 20, 2014
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    If you go to a repair shop you are looking at about $150 -$200 to replace both the lcd and digitizer glass. If you DIY parts will run around $120-$150 . If you are new to ipad repairs or electronics repair in general the process will be challenging.

    I would recommend replacing the ipad with new or used and selling the old one for parts. Be sure to reset all settings and remove icloud lock before doing so.

    If you do decide to DIY , watch the videos on youtube (I recommend iCracked and IPad Rehab). Remember to disconnect the battery from the logic board BEFORE disconnecting the LCD and digitizer, otherwise it will get alot more expensive to fix.

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    Aug 28, 2014
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    I repair glass, digitizer, and L.C.D. components all the time. What started as a repair on my iPad 2 has developed into many friends and their friends and so forth etc. From the photo you displayed your lcd
    screen is trashed . . Unfortunately, the I pad mini and the i pad air , repairs are more expensive than the bigger I pad 2 or I pad 1generation .
    Hears the deal , you can purchase glass , digitizer and the home button
    as a package deal. And the lcd screen is separate. They are relatively inexpensive if you get a non original equipment parts. However the labor for these (mini, air, ) is really high. And if you take to apple to repair they will only install apple parts. Now your price really just went up.
    Both SciFan , and Giardman are exactly right. By the time you paid to have this repair you could practically buy another I device . My suggestion to you would be this . Look on Amazon , they so often (many many times ) have what is called not new I pads for sale . What that means is usually it's the packaging that is damaged.! There absolutely nothing wrong with the device. I know because I have purchased 2 iPads
    and I paid less than 200$ for one of them and apple still guarantees them . The thing is you have to be quick to purchase and strike while the iron is hot. Look on Amazon about every 6-8 hours and be quick in your decision for the get scooped up fast. Now I know what you will be thinking before you purchase and that is DOUBT! Simply because one does this when reading what damage is done . . Well do not let that deter you . For example my I pad 2 I purchased said this on the add from Amazon . I pad 2 new in box ,silver in color , scratch on rear upper left corner . Some Package damage 199.00 $ .So I got it and you have to look really hard to see scratch , and the box was damaged . But I opened it and the I pad had never been taken out of the plastic package that has to be cut to open . So there you go , do some research on your repairs and look in Amazon and take what you can use , throw out what you don't need and make decision. It happens that fast best to Ya
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