Broken screen, not turning on

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by higg, Mar 29, 2014.

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    So, I have an iPad2 and the case I have for it is awful. As I was getting out of the car yesterday, it slipped out of my hands, out of the case, and landed screen first on the driveway. The screen was already cracked from a previous incident, but it was working. Now, the screen is even more shattered, and not turning on. It is not responding to the charger or the computer. Not even the apple logo is coming up. I've tried all manner of button combinations to try to get it to turn on. I have someone who is going to be replacing the screen on Monday for me. Will it be able to work afterwords? most of the damage is in the bottom corner by the home button. Is there a part that could be damaged? Is it replaceable? I don't have the money for a new iPad. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Hi Higg - welcome to the forum! :) Well, at the moment your question cannot be answered, i.e. 'will be able to work...' - really depends on: 1) How much damage has been done w/ two accidents; and 2) Who is that someone doing the repair - hard to answer the first question obviously w/o a qualified 'Apple technician' assessing the problems; and as to the second question - who is the 'repair person' - this is a tricky issue (if interested as to the complexity, check iFixit Webstie and search for your model iPad and look at screen repair. I'm assuming that you do not have Apple Care? If not, then you can give your person a 'shot at it' or take the device to an Apple store or a certified Apple repair service for an assessment - but I suspect the repair will be costly and possibly not successful - sorry. Dave

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