Black Friday boosts iPad Air activations by 51%, says new data

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    According to the latest data from Localytics, traffic from the iPad Air grew 51 percent this past weekend, compared to the previous weekend and it represents the largest growth seen in new devices tracked by the company. Localytics tracks the number of new devices showing up through its analytics network of over 20,000 apps and over one billion devices. Here’s what the company said:

    The reasons for the increased iPad Air activations are obvious - Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions as well as the fact that the iPad Air comes with a new technology and is a fresh product in Apple's line-up. While Apple itself didn’t discount any products on Black Friday for North American consumers, it did include gift cards which proved to be good sales incentives, according to this new report.

    The new plastic iPhone 5c and the first-generation iPad Mini have also seen good sales, mainly because both represent more affordable options in Apple's product lineup. Currently, the iPhone 5c is selling for $99 with a new two-year service contract, and the original Pad mini is available for $299. Localytics also analyzed the Android side's performance over the Thanksgiving weekend, and it found out that the Kindle Fire HD 7†and the newest Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S IV, saw the greatest growth of new devices.

    Source: Localytics

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