Gazelle: iPad trade-ins up 175 percent over Black Friday weekend

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    Gazelle is the leader of gadget trade-in services in the United States, so many Apple users are turning to Gazelle in order to trade-in older iPads or iPhones. Now, according to new data released by the company, iPad trade-ins through Gazelle grew a whopping 175 percent over the Black Friday weekend. But the most popular item traded in at Gazelle last weekend was the iPhone, as trade-in volumes for Apple’s iconic smartphone were up 177 percent over last year.

    Apple’s products have been proved to be among the most sought-for products for the hot shopping bonanza between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only did customers looked to buy iPads and iPhones, but they also used them to place more than 80% of mobile Black Friday sales.

    The increase in trade-ins is caused by the fact that customers are selling their old iPads for cash in order to upgrade to Apple’s latest models. Apple’s iPad Air is a serious improvement over the fourth-generation iPad while the iPad Mini 2 comes with a Retina display panel and a totally revamped 64-bit processor architecture. Gazelle has also seen a 74 percent increase in traffic during the period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday when compared to 2012.

    Source: AppleInsider

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