New iPad Has Already Passed US Usage Share of Original Model

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    Boy Genius Report writes that according to a new survey from software analytics firm Localytics, Apple’s new iPad managed to grab 14% of the US iPad market share in just four days when it was launched, with over 3 million devices sold, and has now already surpassed the US usage of the original iPad with a share of 20% during the week of May 16, just two months and one week after its launch. The iPad 2 still has the lion’s share of the US usage stats, with 60% of all iPad usage. For the newest iPad to already be on a level footing in terms of usage with the original iPad, which has been on sale since April 3, 2010, just slightly more than two years ago, really is incredibly impressive. Localytics bases its figures on the numbers of apps seen to be using Localytics for app analytics for each version of the iPad.

    Source: Apple iPad market share: New iPad share tops original in U.S.

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