The top three items sold at Target for Thanksgiving and Black Friday were all iPads

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    Black Friday has already ended, and many have rushed to make use of iPad Black Friday deals at Target, Best Buy, Staples and Walmart because Apple's own Black Friday deals for US and Canada consumers included only gift cards and not product discounts. According to data provided by InfoScout’s consumer research report that included interviews from the first 3,000 shoppers at Target on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Apple’s iPad was the most acquired product.

    The top three items sold at Target were all iPads, and the top 30 items sold were all consumer electronics devices. The report shows that Apple's products accounted for 22 percent of Target’s early sales, and iPads alone were 18 percent of Target’s sales. This represents 10 times the sales of Android tablets at Target. Did you catch any of these sweet deals?

    Source: VentureBeat

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