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    Hi there

    I have had my iPad 2 for almost a year now. A while back I had a problem with iTunes detecting my iPad and after searching online discovered iFunbox. I followed the instructions which included deleting two files in the iPad Control section when connected to iFunbox. Since then my sound and video have not been operating properly. When I transfer music to the iPad it plays back distorted and 'choppy' - almost as if it is sliding and skipping. Video's do the same thing. The files sound damaged. It is not a hardware problem or file problem though as purchased music tracks which were previously downloaded play perfectly - as well as older video files which were on the iPad. My common sense tells me it's because of the files I deleted. Yesterday I set the iPad back to factory settings after deleting all data and settings - spent the whole day re-installing my apps from the Cloud and while everything is back to normal - I still have the same issue with the sound and video not working correctly. What do I do? Is there a way to re-install iTunes on it's own over the previous version - or just the missing files?

    This was the instruction I followed to delete the files. Search for ...
    Fix the "Itunes cannot read the contents of ipod. Go to the..." problem the easiest way! ... on YouTube

    Is there anyway I can fix this without having to go through a whole reset process again?



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