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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by wrm2me, Jun 15, 2012.

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    I have recently discovered a strange problem on my 64 Gb iPad 2. After I copy a lot of videos to it from iTunes, those towards the end of the A-Z listing are showing up as copied under TV Shows but no artwork is displayed on the iPad itself. Hence, I can't access them to watch them. This happens when the videos occupy a total of around 23 Gb. After doing some tests, I have discovered that the artwork starts dropping off after the number of videos uploaded or the storage capacity reached by uploaded videos reaches a threshold (although I haven't established what that is). What is also strange is that if I delete the title from TV Shows on the iPad that isn't showing up under the Videos app, the artwork for the previous title in the A-Z listing then disappears.

    Is this a known issue with iPads and videos? It was my understanding that you could fill them up with whatever media would fit in the total free space.

    I have tried deleting all media and uploading the videos one by one, starting with the video that keeps disappearing. When I did this, the artwork was displayed until I had uploaded several other videos and then it disappeared again. I also did a full system restore, including ensuring the iOS was updated.

    Any suggestions? My thanks in advance.

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