AT&T Looking For Ways To Help Customers Who Want to Lock In Unlimited 3G Data Plan Be

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Jun 4, 2010.

By iDan on Jun 4, 2010 at 10:52 PM
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    AT&T’s announcement earlier in the week that it’s removing the “Unlimited†option from its 3G data plans after June 7th has caused dismay among some customers who want to secure an unlimited data plan for their iPad before the cut-off date next week, but who don’t have their paid-for 3G iPad yet due to the stock shortages. The problem is caused by the fact that you actually need to use your iPad 3G to sign up for the unlimited plan, which is of course impossible if you don’t have one yet!

    AT&T apparently told Nick Bilton of The New York Times that it is looking into how to help users caught in this dilemma, which doesn’t affect those lucky customers who already had an unlimited iPhone or iPad data plan, as their original plan will be honored by AT&T. An anonymous AT&T executive reportedly told The New York Times that the company hopes to allow any customer who has paid for an iPad before June 7th but hasn’t received it to sign up for an unlimited data plan without having to actually physically have the iPad in their possession.

    By Maura Sutton,
    Source: Apple Insider


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Jun 4, 2010.

    1. taudelt
      at&t is not looking to "help" anyone but themselves. It's all about their shareholder value and reducing their costs as much as possible. This is typical push back on their customers to squeeze as much dollars out of them as possible to support their bottom line. Don't fall for their line...
    2. spikefromnyc
      Fortunately, I have the 3G iPad & the "Unlimited" plan in place...

      My question is: If I decide too sell my 16GB model too someone, will I be able to transfer them the Unlimited policy too?

      ..If YES, then I would be glad to part with this model because of the lousy way I applied the Zagg Screenshield (tiny bubbles are viewable)...and next time, I won't bother putting on these IMPOSSIBLE screenguards...and buy a Mifi box instead of AT&T 3G!
    3. Seadog
      If you were to sell your iPad, the plan would not go with it. It is on your credit card, with your address registered. As soon as it goes under a credit card with another name, it loses being grandfathered.
    4. jesslyn
      AT&T lied about the whole thing. Less than 60 days after advertising 'no contract' and unlimited we're forced into a contract by default if we want to keep what we thought we were getting at purchase.
    5. lilman
      If AT&T wanted people to have the unlimited plan they wouldn't have eliminated it.
    6. spikefromnyc
      Thanks Seadog...for the info!
    7. motorman4566
      I got my pad on the 10 th and the unlimited plan was still 29.99! AT&T needs the money
    8. figmo10
      And no more to say.
    9. Envuks
      I won a 3G iPad last Friday. I have yet to sign up for 3G access and it does give me the unlimited option... I called apple to discuss how the grandfathering actually works, here's the scoop.

      The only way to keep the unlimited plan is to sign up for it and never cancel. As soon as you sign up for another option or cancel the unlimited plan (if you already have it) the option will go away and never return.

      Bottom line is that if you have it and want it, don't cancel it... I registered just to post this as I spent a while searching the web and there were no specific posts.

      Personally, I'm going to wait a little while longer to make my decision.... Might not buy any plan and keep the "collectors item" version. I figure that I won't need a plan once I upgrade to the iPhone 4... I'm still on the 2g dinosaur

      I hope others find this info useful.

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