AT&T Has Started Removing Unlimited Plans For Jailbroken Tethering

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 5, 2011.

By Maura on Aug 5, 2011 at 1:19 PM
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    9to5 Mac reports today that it has heard from some of its readers that AT&T is going ahead with plans that it announced earlier in the year to remove unlimited data plans from those of its customers who use jailbroken iPhones to tether off the back of their unlimited data plan. According to one of their readers, he or she was told by AT&T that from Thursday, August 11, anyone using MyWi or any other tethering on their iPhone, or using the phone as a modem, will have their unlimited data plan switched to a 2GB tethering plan, at a cost of $45 per month. The customer will have no say in this matter, and it will be done automatically. 9to5 Mac says that they have also had this independently confirmed to them by an AT&T spokesperson, although not the August 11 date. Here’s the text of that confirmation from AT&T in full, which makes things pretty clear:

    Source: Jailbreak hotspot-ers: AT&T is moving you to a tiered data plan involuntarily | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 5, 2011.

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    1. Ncaissie
      Pathetic. These company's need to be governed. They are bleeding us dry.

      64GB 3G White iPad
    2. thewitt
      Governed? No one requires you to own the product. There are plenty of other free market alternatives. Please, don't ask the government to get involved unless you want Apple and AT&T both to go out of business.

    3. USBill
      The government getting involved in 1974 and breaking up ATTs monopoly doesn't seem to have killed the company. Nor has legal action against Microsoft in Europe put them out of business there.

      Just sayin'
    4. thewitt
      You want the government to regulate the behavior of private companies in an open market so you can steal their network bandwidth? Really?

    5. SweetPoison
      How do they know you are JB?
    6. Tim SPRACKLEN
      Most developers look for a process called 'sbsettingsd' running on the iPad.

    7. SweetPoison
      I have SB Settings. So they are actually going to look at your iPad?

      I'm not gettin it, am I?:eek:
    8. Tim SPRACKLEN
      A program running in the iPad can see the 'processes' that are running on that iPad. If you have SB Settings on your JB iPad, as most JB people do, then that 'sbsettingsd' process will be running. That process is absent on a non-JB iPad. So a developer simply has some code in his/her app to check if sbsettingsd is running. If it is, it's a JB iPad for sure. And then they tell you nasty things...:(

    9. thewitt
      We use half a dozen different techniques to test whether or not we are running on a jb iPad... It's pretty simple to do.

      From an application standpoint deciding what action to take, if any, is the interesting step. Those applications presenting content that has restrictive licensing need to be sure they are complying with their license agreements. We developed one of these apps and we do not serve content to the UDID of a jb device, even if you revert back to a non-jb device. This was a requirement of the customer...

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