Apple Hires Burberry’s VP of Digital Retail to Help with the Rollout of the Apple Watch

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    The latest rumors and hearsay seem to point to the fact that the upcoming Apple Watch will be launched sometime in March. Now, according to a fresh report coming from 9to5Mac publication, it seems that Apple has made another important hire from the fashion industry.

    Mark Gurman says Apple has hired Chester Chipperfield, the Vice President of Digital and Interactive Design at Burberry. Previously, Chipperfield was “responsible for User Experience and Digital Design for all channels” and was “highly involved in digital retail initiatives” at Burberry, according to his social media channels. Here are some more details:

    Apple has already made some important hires from the fashion industry, such as Angela Ahrendts, who is now the Senior Vice President of Apple Retail (formerly the CEO of Burberry). Apple also hired former Burberry social media executive Musa Tariq, Paul Deneve from Yves St. Laurent, Jacob Jordan from Louis Vuitton, and Patrick Pruniaux from Tag Heur.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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