A very strange iPad occurrence

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by Tlpaduser, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Strange ipad occurrence

    Today something very strange occurred. I can't help to think that it was the result of a virus on my iPad because I cannot think of any other reason why this occurred.

    I have a Yahoo email account called 'from[my name]iPad@yahoo.com. This is the email account setup in my iPad's Email, Contacts, Calendar section. I've set the signature to be my name plus 'Sent from [my name] iPad'

    The strange thing is this: I don't have this activated. When on my iPad I write email from my regular Yahoo account and not this one. But today I received an email sent to my regular email address from 'Me' that had the signature mentioned above. There was also an attachment to the email that is an actual file on my iPad!

    When I checked my iPad's Email, Contacts, Calendar section I saw that this account is now activated! I didn't do that, I swear! And no other person has access to my iPad, this I also swear.

    How could this have happened?

    OK, I found the culprit: 'ForScore'! It has the ability to email music scores. But I would still have to click the email icon button, which I did not do, and type in my address, which I did not do, AND click Send. Still so strange!

    MY God! As I was writing the above (sorry for the multiple posts) it happened again! I just previously (around the time of the previous posts) INACTIVATED the Email, Contacts, Calendar section of the iPad yet I just now received another email of the same kind! I def did not do this! So, I just deleted ForScore. I'll keep you posted.
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    Hm...interesting. Thanks for the heads up.
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