If Your Emails Are Showing Another Contact's Name Instead of Yours In Recipient Or Sender Box In You

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    If Your Emails Are Showing Another Contact's Name Instead of Yours In Recipient Or Sender Box In Your Emails Check That Contact's Info

    After an update a few updates ago, my emails sent to my email address I use for friends and family would show the recipient as my sister, after showing it as to me in the recipient box, it then changed to my sister's name as I have it entered in my contacts. Emails sent from that email address showed them as being sent from my sister in the sent box after showing them as from me when sent.

    It was not doing this with every email. It was weird.

    I had a hard time figuring it out. The next update did not fix it. I deleted the email account and re-entered the info. Same thing. It was still connecting to my sister. It was not showing as sent from my sister by recipients when I sent them. They appeared as from me to them.

    I removed my sister's contact info and re-entered it. Did not pay much attention to it at that time. I just deleted it and retyped everthing. If I had done it the way I did it today, I might have spotted the issue, although, it probably would have recurred with the next update anyway. Didn't mean to confuse you there, but you will see what I mean.

    I re-entered the name, phone number, email address and snail mail address for my sister.

    I sent myself an email from my email address I use for businesses to my email address I use for family and friends. It showed sent from me to me. Then I sent one to my email address I use for businesses from my email address for friends and family. Everything was fine. Fixed, right? Another update. Problem occurred again. That is why I think that if I found what I found today, I would still have had to fix it today.

    Well, I went to my sister's contact info. This time I started copying her phone number and pasting it to my notepad because I didn't have the paper list of my contacts handy to read it from. When I got to the email address it showed two entered and labelled as Home. She has only one email address. The second entry was my email address I use for friends and family.

    For some reason when my iPad Air updated it added my friends and family email address to my sister's contact info. Since I had re-entered her info after this started happening after the previous updates and my sister's contact info yad been re-entered, this must have also happened after the last update. It has been very annoying. I know 100% that I did not put my email address into my sister's contact information once, let alone twice! We are not even in the same alphabet section of the contact index, not anywhere near each other.

    I redid it again and it now only has her email address. My contact info is correct. The random contacts I checked are correct. Hopefully, this will not happen with another update, but if it does, or it happens to you, check that contact's email contact info.

    All the emails in my email folders changed after I removed my family and friends email address from my sister's contact info and they now magically show my name.

    I am not the only one this happened to. My friend emailed me and asked me about it a few months ago because after an update she started seeing a friend of hers show up in her recipient and sender box in her emails she received or sent.

    I think I posted a question about this earlier, but I could not find it. May have been some other forum. If you have this problem, go to that contact and check the email address entries.
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