4G connectivity on the iPad arriving to England

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    Apart from brand and sophistication, 4G connectivity is one of the main features that attracts so many customers to buy the new iPad in the US. Nevertheless this important enhancement isn’t yet available overseas in the UK. Yet this week, the British publication The Guardian reported that a revised iPad version is in the works in Apple’s development labs, one that will finally bring 4G connectivity to England.

    The network in charge of providing the above mentioned feature will be the 1800 MHz Everything Everywhere (EE). The UK version of the tablet, which will probably also feature a new lightning connector, will most likely be rolled out at the end of this month, alongside the shrunken iPad – nicknamed the iPad mini. Speaking of which, the latest rumor regarding the mini tablet states it will come with Wi-Fi only or will be 4G capable. Both options sound good enough. Nevertheless The Guardian seems to feel otherwise as it expects the iPad mini to be 3G capable not 4G.

    Apple has been reportedly getting ready for the big iPad mini event already, as the Wall Street Journal suspects Cupertino has ordered 10 million devices to serve for the busy holiday season just around the corner. Also this week, Sonny Dickson of 9to5Mac revealed some photos of a device that seem to showcase a real breathing iPad mini. The device is expected to sell for a price between $249 and $299, thus becoming a direct competitor of consumer popular tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7.

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    Source - 'iPad mini' likely to be Wi-Fi-only
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    Good news for the English chaps!!!

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