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Youtube has sound but no video


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Mar 14, 2011
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I have been watching Youtube videos for some time with no problem. Then today for any item I hit the arrow to start and the sound begins but the screen stays frozen.

I just upgraded to the new OS hoping it would help but same problem.

I can watch videos other than Youtube.

Any ideas?

I'm having the same problem with mobile YouTube. No video but audio works...

I checked the iPad you tube app and there are no problems...
NYY13 said:
I'm having the same problem with mobile YouTube. No video but audio works...

I checked the iPad you tube app and there are no problems...

Same here..

Cant figure out why this is the only place people are mentioning it as a problem.

It worked fine this morning, and it still works on my iphone....

But on the ipad, just audio and no video...

Odd and incredibly frustrating.
I am having same problem even updated os to 4.3 no help. tried re-starting youtube and re boot first no dice with any.
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Same issue-I have a frozen YouTube video image while sound plays. Upgrading to 4.3 did not help. Two days ago everything worked fine.
Have any of you tried a restart or soft reset?

When things start acting a bit weird, it's a good idea to completely shut the iPad off and restart. You should probably do this at least once a week (my unsupported opinion on frequency.)

Just hold down the power button for about three seconds. You'll get a power off slider. Go ahead and slide it off. Wait until the iPad completely shuts down and then restart it by holding down the power button for about three seconds again.

For more serious problems, when shutting it off doesn't work, you can do a soft reset. Hold down the power and home button until the Apple logo appears, about 10 to 15 seconds. Let go and wait for it to reboot. This will take a few minutes, so be patient.
Same problem here. I tried a soft restart and a full restart. The problem must be YouTube
twerppoet said:
Have any of you tried a restart or soft reset?

Ive even tried a complete restore.

Doesnt work.

But if its youtube, then why would it still work on safari on my iphone, and not safari on my ipad ( both 4.3 before anyone asks..)
twerppoet said:
Have any of you tried a restart or soft reset?

Your saying you are NOT having the same problem.

Is it really just us 4 people?


I'm having the same issue. Video has sound but no picture but i have found this.

If i use safari on my iPad to access youtube and try to run the video i get the issue.
If i run a link to the same video from a chat forum in opens in a different player and the video works.

The thing i can think of is the java or browser update is some how causing issues when you use the web browser to display an embedded video.

Hope this helps
I have the same issue. YouTube gives me a frozen letterbox video still image, but with sound. No reset or reboot helps. I can view other video OK. I am wondering if this issue arose on a particular date-say Monday?
Thanks to all who have replied and confirmed that it is not just me. I have checked the YouTube help forum and many people are having the same problem, which appears to have just started Monday morning.
I also can only play sound whilst using safari to view youtube videos only the sound works. I am no longer able to download youtube videos inside the downloader app i bought i guess it uses safari inside the app. But youtube plays fine by using the original app included on all ipads as standard. I have tried tweaking loads of settings and hard resets several times and now i have reformated my ipad completely through itunes only to find the problem is still there. Come on apple fix this.
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I already started a thread about this on here, also found one on macrumors yesterday. People know about it. It has nothing to do with your individual iPads pretty much every iPad has this problem with YouTube mobile When directly on the site. Embeded videos work fine, yourube app works fine. On iphone mobile site and app work fine. We have to forward the complaint to YouTube.

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