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Youtube not playing videos


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Aug 5, 2010
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Im having a problem now. Youtube is not playing any of the videos I search for. It shows that theyre loading in the middle of the screen but as much as I let it loading it stays there. I dont like using the Youtube app simply because the videos are too blury there. Dont know why they even have that app if it doesnt work at all. The only way Im watching the videos I need and want to see is if I used the mobile web youtube page, and they're still blurry. Anyone have a solution to making my youtube work again? I do have a jailbroken 64 3g with like 20 extra apps. Thanks for your help.
Simple answer.
iPAD and Youtube don't like each other.
Many people here in he forum, and all over the Globe complaint about very slow
response, freezing etc'

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