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Youtube has sound but no video

leey said:
Try restore the YouTube app, clear the safari or browser's cookies, and check the Network is good enough, then if still can't do help, turn to other ways to watch YouTube videos, this wiki article might give a good idea: How to Download and Convert YouTube Videos for Free on Mac - wikiHow
Which Im working on, and save much time to stream~

People should stop giving rubbish help.

I know that may sound harsh, but it really doesnt help if people that dont have an ipad themselves to just check if its still working for them before talking about rebooting and stuff.

The mobile site of youtube was bugged as it turned out, so EVERYONE with an ipad had the same problem. So to those giving out tips before checking it themselves: please check if you have the same problem first.

And why would people recommend to check some addon to download youtube to a mac when the problem was clearly reported to be on an ipad.

Please forgive my tone, but sometimes its frustrating when people just think they know what they are talking about and dont read the full thread.

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