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YALL are the real " Trophies"


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Aug 28, 2014
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Well .....ummmm ......yea .....I noticed I got a trophy , the first .
I know that it's a recognition of a type of merit , and is one of that really is on a sorta boost your spirit type . I also know that it didn't or doesn't require much efforts to gain ,
and one doesn't really have to achieve anything other than simply participating in
this forum, get involved with the great people that are here from the noobs(me) to your
top, super, A-1 , guru , Zeus, atom collider , # 1, wealth of I pad ,IOS wisdom, leaders,
that navigate the I device Sacajawea style , super moderators.. .....huhuhaha .
But, I will bet, my money down , that they remember their first trophy and although it's a small and easy and earned trophy .... It's the biggest, AND most possibly NO .....
MOST PROBABLY the one that shines the light in the shade , of higher trophies to come , and for me and the way I think, is the best you will ever get ....because it's the first that sets the path for the other trophies to become what they are earned for and
It's a really cool thing . But the real trophies are the people here , the noobs ,the ones who have a fair amount of time in and the moderators and of course the outrageous ones as I mentioned above if there were such a thing ...huhuhaha ...oh boy ...haha huhu...
So I thank all of YALL and I also thank these in particular for these ones are the ones who I have grown to know the most and are the first ones that I got to know the first day I signed on to this forum.

THE way cool laid back ,,almost as cool as me TWERPPOET thanks man

The MAN ...NO REALLY. THE MAN SciFan 57. He's a iPad , I phone , I pod
Anything With I ,. EYE ... LIKE A WIZARD ...THANK YOU SCI ...(see even his first prefix sums this geek up SCI..........) never understood the 57, unless like the Heinz 57
I love that shistuff...... Knowledgeable in 57 I devices .... Good man to have on forum

Then there is that Amazing Mickey 3 wonderful straight up 60. MICKEY 360 ....
she is the like ..... I don't really know . Is there a word for her .... Gawd...
I can't use one word its impossible .... BUT SHE IS A DYNAMO .... UMMMMM
YEA ... She and I worked (ER she did )?amonth on a problem .... What can I say .
I think she is great...... THANX MICK ....like that's not meant as an insult ....
Are you Irish ......???? haha huhu well ..... I am ....I dont care any way .... Huhuhaha.
Thank you MICKEY

Well there are others Giardman he chimes in some with me and a interesting man ,
Pleasant to chat with ...we have not or I have not been doing my part in taking some time out , pull up a chair , pour a glass of iced sweet tea , and have a nice long chat
With this interesting person.. Thank you as well Giardman ... By the way I did go to
Assateague Island ...and saw a few not many but a "band " of Chincoteague ponies ,

I guess maybe To me the trophy I got is the best and always will be because of these people .......these way cool people ...... Thanks ......

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