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Word Processing suggestion


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Jun 17, 2010
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Pittsburgh, PA
Hello all, just purchased my 16 gig wifi for use in my law practice. I need a work processing app, but I am weary to spend money to "try" one. so, I am turning here for suggestions. What I am looking for:

I use google docs a lot: looking for a word processor that allows me to download docs while connected to wifi, edit them offline, and reupload back to google docs.

Spell check is not as important as the iPad's ability to auto correct. Which processors have this feature.

as little lag as possible as I am a fast typer

I usually only need word, excel, and pdf

Ability to reenter the app where a left off and not have to start at the beginning and scroll to page 117 every time I leave the app

"find" feature

ability to sync filed with my computer, google docs, and drop box.

I know that all these features may be tough to find in one app, but the majority would be nice. Any suggestions?

Also, I read someone suggest switching the browsers ID to firefox in order to edit google docs, what is this all about?

Thanks everyone.
I use it, and most people agree that DocsToGo is the way to go. It can also sync with Google Docs, but I haven't personally used that feature yet.
Thanks for the suggestions. I was leading toward Quickoffice, but the reviews say there is no spell check. Does this mean no auto correct and word suggestions?
Quickoffice (if it's the one I am thinking of) also doesn't have support for newer MS documents, like Office 2007. Autocorrect is a function of the iPad itself, so any app will have the autocorrect feature.

Where are you from in Pittsburgh? I was born and raised there before I joined the military.

You aren't Edgar Snyder are you? >.>
I agree that they are particularly cheap. My biggest concern is the auto correct. If quick office does not have it, then i don't even want it. That is the important feature i have narrowed it down to.
Ha, no not Edgar. I am from sewickley.

The reason i chose quick office was because it seemed to be more integrated with the cloud than docs to go. If i am wrong, let me know. I plan to make my purchase this afternoon.
Good I haven't lived in PA for 10 years and I still remember how I hate those commercials.

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