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What is the best document manager? ReaddleDocs?


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Nov 3, 2011
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Los Angeles, CA
Hello everyone-

Newbie here, and I'm trying to find a good document manager. Here are the essential features:

1) ability to grab email attachments
2) ability to open zip folders, and rar folders if possible
3) ability to open password protected zip folders
4) ability to view the most common doc types
5) ability to select groups of files, zip them, and then email that zip
6) ability to upload and download to and from Dropbox
7) ability to upload and download to and from Google Docs

It seems like ReaddleDocs can do all of that, except perhaps the password protected zip folders, which I can't seem to confirm. However, there appears to be quite a few apps that serve this role, and I want to get the best.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


iPF Novice
Mar 19, 2011
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Santa Barbara, CA
Consider Goodreader, one of the most useful apps for reading, annotating and organizing files on the iPad. I think you will find it does everything on your list.

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