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Jun 30, 2012
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victoria /australia
hi folks kids brought me new ipad 3 16gb wifi
as i am a mature newbie and not use to this technology i hope my problem isnt friviouls
had pad 3 days was working fine with my netgear adsl2 modem with wifi router that i use for my pc and all of a sudden it comes up not connected to internet am i worrying over nothing or do i have a problem some where with connection
Try this:

Turn OFF iPad.
Turn OFF Netgear by disconnecting from power supply.
Wait at least 1 minute.
Turn ON Netgear by reconnecting power supply.
Wait for Netgear to FULLY restart.
Turn ON iPad.
iPad will find Netgear so when it does just select and connect.
THEN turn Wifi OFF on iPad.
Then turn Wifi ON on iPad and select Netgear when asked.

That will hopefully solve your problem.
Please report back re Yes or No so that others can help if needed.

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