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Jun 14, 2012
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Hey guys. I'm looking for a VNC application that does what I need. Basically I need to connect to up to 1,000 different computers that give me nothing but their IP Address. I use two programs currently on my MacBook Pro.

On the Mac side, I use RealVNC. This is also an iPad app, so it's an option. RealVNC doesn't allow you to remotely turn the other monitor on and off.

On the Windows side (I run parallels) I use UltraVNC. They do not have an app.

The best part about Ultra VNC is that I can remotely block the screen of the computer Im logging in to. This is a very necessary thing, because of the nature of my work. I have been scrolling through the free apps and haven't found one that allows you to remotely turn the monitor on and off. Does anyone know of any VNC App that you can lock the turn their monitor on and off?

I don't mind spending money on an app at all, I just want to know that it has the one main feature that I need.


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