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Viewing Embedded PDFs


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Mar 7, 2012
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So all my course notes are in the form of PDFs that are embedded into the course website. What it looks like is basically a normal web page with a PDF in a sub window that can be scrolled and downloaded. However, on the iPad, it shows the same thing except I am unable to scroll the PDF. I have tried two finger scrolling but that just scrolls the whole page. I know this has been an issue forever but I didn't find any fixes.

Any suggestions?
Hello xGary. Have you tried using GoodReader app? That app not only reads PDFs but .docs, .jpg, etc.
Tried. Same thing happens. I see a portion of the PDF but I cannot scroll or download it
That's an unusual issue. I've not had this problem with embedded PDFs, but maybe you could long press, import them into Kindle reader or iBooks and read them there? Maybe it'd resolve in an Apple sanctioned reader; it's at least worth a try. Otherwise I might just restore your iPad and see if it resolves, maybe just some weird preferences corruption or something.
If you open the webpage with the embedded PDF in a program such as Opera Mini then the PDF will open in a Safari window. PDF will no longer remain embedded and will open by itself.

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