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Video player crashed, now just a black screen.

Phone the toll free Apple Support line with your iTunes transaction reference number and explain what happened. They will re-enable the download for you. Many Members have done this successfully.


Thanks for the information Tim. Unfortunately I have repurchased on this occasion but I will remember your comment in case I need it again. The cost was less than £2 so it's not a big loss.
This solution works!!!! I was jacking around for two hours trying to rest, uninstall, update, upgrade, everything...then I found your post and it did the trick! Thanks!!!!! This should be the first postvso others can find this simple solution.
It worked!!!!

This worked for me. I had a black screen for about 3 weeks until I came here and read this. As soon as I connected it to the VGA out, it came up. Thanks for the quick fix! :p

My Ipad did the same thing couple of months ago but I was able to reset the Ipad. But it happened again. I realized that I was not tapping on DONE when I was using my composite video connection. When the problem happened again, I tried connecting the composite and sure enough, the movie that I stopped midstream was playing on the composite output. I tapped on DONE, tapped on HOME, disconnected the composite connector and tapped on VIDEO again. I got my list of movies, selected one and it played normally.
"I had the similar problem. The solution is way too simple.

Forget reset or restore. All you need to do is:

Go to search, type the name of another video file that you know you have in your library and click on it. That's it. This will open the new video and close the one that caused the crash.

Do not open the file that made your screen went blank. Go find it and delete it.

Hope it works for you!!"

This worked for me!! Thank you so much!! I was freaking out!!
jodell23 said:
Help! I opened a video file earlier, crashed the player. When I tried to reopen the video app, it just opened a black screen that I couldn't navigate around in. Could only hit the home button and exit out. Tried restarting, didn't do any good. So, I restored the iPad, deleted the video that had crashed it, got everything synched back up, lost some apps in the process. Opened up a different video, worked fine. Then opened another video and the crash happened again. I'd rather not keep restoring the iPad especially since I'm away from home for a week and only have my lap top to restore it from. Any helpful ideas? Thanks.

I had the same problem. I had to reset it twice but I figured since it's a software issue I just need a new video player program so I downloaded Flex player and it's working perfectly for me now. It's the apple video player that's having an issue. When I was searching how to resolve this problem, I found out this that this has been happening ever since they released the first Ipad and until now they haven't solved this error. So to all of you who are having problems and never want to experience the same problem over and over again, just download another video player from apps store.

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