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Unable to transfe files from dropbox to ibooks


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Feb 24, 2013
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I have been downloading pdf files from my dropbox to ibooks on my ipad, and it has always worked fine for me. Now, all of a sudden, when I open a file in dropbox and tap the arrow on the upper right corner to open it in ibooks, nothing appears: it's just a blank black window. I've tried it with several different pdf files and it's always the same. I can open them in dropbox, but I can no longer transfer them into ibooks.


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Apr 26, 2011
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North Carolina
Hello and welcome to the forum! :)

I would first suggest that you 'Force Close' the Dropbox app - see the first item in the quote below; if that does not correct the problem, then progress to the next numbered items. Please post back your results - good luck!

When an app (or several) are misbehaving, I usually go through the following steps:

1. Force Close - open the multi-tasking bar (double tap the 'home buttom' or use multi-gesturing and swipe up); press & hold an app until all begin to 'jiggle'; find the offending app(s) and press the 'red circle w/ minus sign' - return to the home screen & try again.

2. Restart - press & hold the 'Sleep/Awake' (a.k.a. power) button until a red slider appears (may take a few seconds) - move the slider to turn off the iPad; then press & hold the same button until the Apple logo appears - wait for a restart.

3. Reset - press & hold the 'Power' and 'Home' buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears - this may take a longer time, so have patience; the iPad will 're-boot' - NOTE that none of these maneuvers will alter your apps, files, or settings.

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