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True or False: 2 Ipads, 1 apple id = shared apps?


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Apr 5, 2011
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My husband got his Ipad 2 a few weeks ago, and I fell in love with it, and just got my own. His is all setup, on his apple ID. I just got mine tonight and set it up at an apple store with my old apple id. But someone later mentioned that if I log out of my apple ID and instead we use his login, then we can share all our apps on both ipads, without having to double pay. is that right? can we still facetime each other, or would that not work since it would look like he would be calling himself?

This is true. Each Apple ID can authorize up to 5 devices to share it's Apps.
Thank you ... what about facetime?
You can use your ID for FaceTime no problem. I would not use his as I suspect it could conflict if you both try using it at the same time.

You can mix IDs when downloading Apps. What will happen is you will need to enter his ID to update any Apps downloaded from his account. You'll need yours for anything you've downloaded. Keep in mind you have to change the ID you use for App Store in the iPad's Settings.
Using two IDs for apps would be hard to deal with. But face time is different.
My 7year olds iPod uses my account for apps but she has her own ID for face time.
Works fine that way.

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Mac4Lfe said:
This is true. Each Apple ID can authorize up to 5 devices to share it's Apps.

You can share apps and music on an unlimited amount of iOS devices. The 5 devices refers to music & videos on computers only.

Regarding the original post, just use his account as your username and consider that your main 'household' account. Only buy content with that account and you & your husband can share everything. When you synch, you load what content you want & your husband does the same. Each device can have a separate FaceTime id.

Bottom line, don't waste time switching back and forth account info. Just consider his account the family account. At my home my wife, daughter, son & I are all sharing one account.
And Face time logs in separately so you don't have to log out of the store account to log into the Face time account. Log in once and leave it. It’s very easy.

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