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The danger of clones... two iPad one apple ID?


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Mar 5, 2011
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I just "restored" the apps from my iPad on to my new iPad 2. My husband will use the iPad 1. He's not as active a user as I am. He like Plants vs. Zombies ... email, Chinese learning software, web surfing and checking the height of the tide with the tide app.

I have bought about $50 worth of apps, he likes many of them... Right now we have all of my apps (and the few he added to my iPad when we were sharing) on *both* iPads, he has all of his games saved in plants vs. zombies... I blanked out my email ...

Is this set-up sustainable? Or will he need to put his apple ID in charge of the iPad? What happens when he plugs it in to his computer instead of mine?

What if he finds a new app to buy? Can he put his gmail in as the email.


I don't really care if he uses my itunes account... er... but is this going to be a big mess?
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In almost every instance, it is better and easier to use
One computer, and one ID, to sync all your iDevices

It MAY be possible(someone let us know) to use one ID on two PCs, syncing different iDevices on each PC.
BUT, you cannot use PC1 to sync your device most of the time, and PC2 to sync that same device on other days. You are pretty much forced to always sync a device on the same PC.

If you use different IDs for each device, you will NOT be able to share purchases.
If you both want AppX, you would have to purchase it twice.

If you use the same ID, even from the same computer, the devices will keep their own unique data, docs, saved levels on games, photos, etc.
(loading the same game on a second device, will usually start at ground 0 with no saved levels. Games with the data on the server like We Rule, will have all data and items intact on the new installation if you log in as the same WeRule login).
You can pick and choose from all purchased apps, for which ones are installed on each device.

You do not need to be concerned about affecting data on another device when you sync yours.

I am able to share apps with my wife even though she has a different itunes account. She has had an account for her iPod for a long time and I created one for myself for apps when I got my iPad 1. She just got an iPhone and I am able to copy the ipa files over to her computer and install them from iTunes using File-Open File. It asks for my login and password (once) and then everything is good. It does ask again when doing updates to apps so sharing implies you are willing to share login and pw info but that is easy enough.

What happens if I just log into one account to download the files, and then switch out to another user?
That should be ok. But as mentioned above you need to have the account id and password to do app updates if it's not your normal account.

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