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Transferring files without wifi/3g or iTunes?

Do you have Internet access otherbthan work? You could always Dropbox from work pc and grab the files down to the iPad from alternate Internet source (home, starbucks, McDs)
...and recently all Apple software on PC was banned.

This seems ironic to me because one of my jobs is in an extremely secure environment, and we are moving toward Apple.

Do you mind if I ask you more about this, and why somebody would just up and ban Apple software?
With no wifi/3g dropbox won't work as a transfer medium.

Now that we have no iTunes on the computers, that won't work as a transfer medium.

Can't plug in a wi-fi card into my work desktop, as that will cause a huge stink.

I remember seeing a link once to a USB flash drive that generated it's own WiFi, does anyone remember what that is?

I am also trying to find a way through this too. At my school the iPad is very useful but since I don't have 3G and the networks are hidden, I can't find a way through this. :ipad-keyboard:

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