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To All Those Accusing Me Of Being A Troll, And Future Ipad!

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Jun 10, 2010
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U fanboys crack me up, I criticize the iPad a lil and I'm attacked and accused of being a troll..

Look, I have an iPad, 32 gb, I love it, it's is awesome, and I believe will revolutionize computers ..

But if I criticize the iPad it's only becuz I'm voicing my opinion and it's called freedom of speech.. Besides those tech support guys see these MSG and get ideas and that's how they improve the product..

So in case your listening apple tech support and engineers..

This is what I wanna see in the next gen iPad..


Removable battery

Thinner and lighter

More durable like the panasonic tough books, let's make iPad for construction workers.

Uhmm, ability to work with other os systems..

Can't think of anything else, the price is decent, but I will pay more for an iPad that has 1 TB!
So the next generation iPad is going to go from 64GB to 1000GB? And Apple is going to make their first mobile device with a removable battery? And Apple is going to let some other OS maker on their iPad? Riiiiggggghhhhhttttt......

The reason I called you a troll is because you came in, started saying how the Windows tablet was better (of course it doesn't even exist really) and then started calling people "Apple fanboys".

This is an iPad forum. I'm not sure what you expected to find with Apple selling 3 million iPads in 80 days...a bunch of disgruntled Apple iPad haters?
Good luck with your demands. :D

Going from solid state to moving disk would be a huge step back. 128GB would be good enough for me, but flash memory is expensive (actually I'm doing fine on 32GB)

Better Office capabilities, windows shared printing would be a huge plus.

File system access and a real USB port would be really nice, but its not going to happen.

My biggest wish would be wacom pen capable screens like the Tablet PCs for serious note taking where you can rest you hand on the screen.

The iPad is good enough for me right now though. it has its shortcomings, but its better than anything else I see for the price.

Removable battery - Yes. but you have to send it in to Apple to remove it.

Thinner and lighter - Yes.

More durable like the panasonic tough books, let's make iPad for construction workers. - Go buy a SquareTrade Warranty.

Uhmm, ability to work with other os systems.. Yes. It works with Windows 7 & OSX threw iTunes.

(This is Apple we are talking about here. It's a MIRACLE on the new Mac Mini you can access the memory yourself......)
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Your dreams are more about old technology 1 laugh actually you don't need an iPad what you want is win 7 laptop then your wishes are granted I am often amused at what many think the iPad is. The iPad is is not a laptop period. Maybe you should buy the new toshiba dual screen device it runs win 7 and sports a real hard drive.
By the way I also agree with Matth3w. I too resent statements like apple fan boys if you want to discuss the short comings and any wants and desire then keep it nice because I can assure you we will not tolerate it.
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don feed the trolls


ok im a troll, i have an ipad and said that i love the ipad.. but im a troll..

i mention somethings i would like the ipad to have and im told i dont need an ipad..

i never said the ipad sucks. just something that arn't right and few things it could have to make it better.. but im a troll...

ok, im gonna go use my ipad now.. g'bye
I wouldn't mind seeing Apple go with a 2-1/2" SATA SSD form factor. At least that way you could upgrade. that, and an SD slot with direct access.
im telling you in 5 yrs the ipad will have 3-4 TB ---hardddrive or no harddrive

the battery will last 30-40 hrs

it will be lighter smaller faster..

and it will be solar powered and you will be able to take it scuba diving, lol
You are asking Apple to make the iPad into a very thin laptop, why? There are already plenty of laptops out there that have the features you want, go buy one of those.

Think about it, we've got to spend $830 now for the 64GB 3G iPad. Can you imagine how much a 1TB, thinner, faster, customizable, stronger iPad would cost? Ummmm, $3k? I'm not spending that, no way in hell.
Ummmm, $3k? I'm not spending that, no way in hell.


well, there are some ppl who have money lying around, and if apple had an pad that had 3TB a 40 hour battery you better believe I would spend the extra money..

heck, 5 yrs ago i spent 3000 for an IBM LT that I consider a dinosaur now..

why are you ppl defending the lack of storage on the ipad?

lets face it 64 gb doesnt cut it if you have million of movies/songs / apps..

the more space the better, everytime someone mentions more space would be more attractive you cut down the person accusing him of making it laptop..

todays generation is the media generation that has tons of music, movies or whaever, iaudio,apps..

storage storage storage.. you cant say you wouldnt want to store all your films and music on your ipad...

its funny tho, my brother paid 1300 bucks for a 6 gig harddrive some 20 yrs ago, now you can get a TB for like 50 bucks.. As Apple learns to make those flash drives or whatver they use in ipad, when they learn to make them w/ more storage the ipad will increase in sales becuz ppl love storage..
If the Gen 2 iPad had a 3TB hard drive and a battery that last 30-40 hrs what would they release for Gen 3, Gen 4 etc...... Its marketing my friend. The computer/electronics industry has been like this since the beginning.
For one: Apple will NEVER make an iPad with a removable battery. We're in the 4th iteration of the iPhone and there's still no removable battery. The first iPod didn't even have a removable battery, so it seems Apple is doing away with removable batteries for mobile devices altogether. Also, from a technical and design standpoint, having a non removable battery allows for better housing design of the device as a whole. It allows for a bigger battery to fit in the limited amount of space, thus increasing battery life. If Apple needed to design the housing for a removable battery, they would need to make a smaller battery to fit the design (and have less battery life) or make a bigger device for a bigger battery to get the same performance in battery life. Neither of these approaches fits Apple's design specs.

Also, the idea of having a 1TB SSD in the iPad by next generation launch, although that would happen in a perfect world, it's quite laughable by today's standards. Manufacturers have hardly begun making 1TB SSD's for desktops and a 3.5 inch 1TB SSD will cost over $2000 today, and the idea that BOTH the technology AND the form factor AND the price will all allow for an iPad to be equipped with a terabyte of solid-state storage and have the device as a whole still cost around $500-$600 is just not possible. I applaud you for your strong imagination though.
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